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Chile » Región de la Araucanía » Temuco » Otras Técnicas / Jueves 19 de Noviembre del año 2009 / 13:11 Horas.

The Temucan Hero
narrative of Temuco ...

Story written exclusively for the contest 'Historias de la Araucanía "Southern Journal. He took 3rd Place.

"The Temucan Hero"

"The young man reappears flying in the vicinity of the Tower Caupolicán" proclaimed the only regional newspaper of the city in the window of the only business on the corner of my high school-Temuco is a village, I think, remembering the words of my teacher story this morning.

Below, in a smaller font: "Fire at Telethon Institute dies mysteriously: 0 injured." Reading the complete cover of the Journal, decided to take the 250 dollars to buy and put aside (for once) the tradition of plain bread after school and violate conservation rules my grandfather, who is a staunch guardian of them -- traditions never let, never, usually repeated often while making Jack Daniels and buy designer clothes. Anyway, the inconsistency of our forefathers is a product of constant flirtation with the free market and the contemporary (the words of history professor again).

Leo reports super fast (if I had a stopwatch would be surprised) and close the newspaper. I resent the idea that no news is taken both as the same event. It is quite logical that a young man put out the fire flies. A kind of unsung hero that ensures the integrity of Temuco. I'm pretty sure that in Gotham not questioned both by the first appearances of Batman.

The flirtation with the newspaper vendor, anger at the lack of eloquence of the Journalist, the hunger in my stomach, the pool and the art gallery of the square. Everything happened within seconds, almost simultaneously, without comment, I'm in the middle of the Plaza Aníbal Pinto, in front of a marble Araucanian warrior under his spear menacingly.

The Plaza Aníbal Pinto in the fall, looks like a picture of Claudio Gay, where despite the opacity of the atmosphere, the gypsy dresses, blankets and jumpers grandparents short girls, give a variety chromatic poly flashing. However preserved in a way, the sadness of the brown and the fragility of a picture on the wall. In autumn Temuco is poetry, but opaque.

What were clogged streets near the center, the lights that speak, vitrines bourgeoisified and "Patch bandage 100" - No thanks, never hurt me - I say. The Lord looks at me strangely and insistently its product offers an attractive mother of not more than 25 years.

I reach the corner, the fast food shop is full of liceanos clown, most Pokemon. The new urban and Bulnes pandemic is the focus of infection.

I was not able to spin any insult to their hairstyles when an explosion breaks the quiet of this taco vehicular street corner and in the same way it breaks my monologue. A thick cloud of smoke and chilling screams wash the streets, in seconds, the mall becomes chaotic. It clarifies the nebula is weak and is seen reality in its new nature. People running Abroma, confusion mixed with fear is a constant. Manuel Bulnes and Diego Portales never been so disarmed, or when they were infants.

"Good Evening, Gran Temuco. Ninth Region of Araucania ". There was clear in the ears of those present. This further increased the confusion seen in the blank stares of the crowd. I address the place of the mysterious voice.

The entrance is guarded by market giants types hooded jackets and curiously, wearing a white tie and elegant clothes. "I stand, I Councilman, a traveler without direction, and for the sake of fate came to Temuco and I will take all the riches of this part of the country." I get my eye to where the voice comes from. On the roof of the market are talking about a guy with a megaphone fluently and with a rather arrogant attitude. I close my eyes for a moment, and I feel my blood boil araucana. I think the figure of my ancestors, the original value recovery. This is not just a fire is a real threat, the bastard looks professional.

I bow my knees while my fist squeezes, I feel my blood boiled in its maximum, about to evaporate in fury. Jump to the roof, where the enemy. Exalted in the air scream "Newen Mapuche Feel my vengeance!."

"No, my friend can not read your novel more. I did not like. To all, I think that this is not your thing, I loved the stories they wrote about emerging bands in Rolling Stone and trust your talent, really, but science fiction is not your thing. In addition, Chile is not prepared for that. Less Temuco.

Said my publisher put out his cigarette in the ashtray out of clay on his desk.

- But keep reading the story gets interesting, is a teenage superhero to revive their ancestral powers should take the mythical "water Temu - noticed her expression of surprise, so I add - a nectar with miraculous properties. Also later suffered many fractures with an armed enemy, so his grandfather rebuilt with metal parts, was a blacksmith. So the story of Don Cyberpunk, because the enemies are increasingly sadistic. Fantastic literature is breaking today, ergo, sales would be a hit. At the level of Harry Potter and Twilight.

Leaning back in his chair and pulling another cigarette from his pack and without changing his expression of displeasure, Osorio was about to read my printed reluctantly."

Francisco Henríquez

Temuco, 26 de mayo del 2009


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