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Chile » Región del Bío-Bío » Concepción » Murales Pintados / Sábado 21 de Noviembre del año 2009 / 11:48 Horas.

Train Mural F.F.C.C. Concepcion
by Gregorio de la Fuente...


Author: Gregorio de la Fuente
Technique: Wall painting (fresco)
Collection: Railway Station Design 

    Gregorio de la Fuente showed versatility as a painter in the execution of various fresh and the Plate of the Railway Station of Concepcion, a town where the murals are concentrated most important product of the Mexican muralists visits by mid-century. Sensitive to these influences, De la Fuente pauses in its development as an easel painter to execute the monumental views that surround a space. Parceling narrated life stories of workers is highlighted where fraternity and work. Social realism was a school that began in the Soviet Union and influenced for a long time to America.

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